A constantly evolving range

INNOVATIVE tailor-made solutions

Aralar is a family company and therefore FLEXIBILITY is part of our DNA.

In contrast to those large, rigid paper industries with a stagnant range – to which any customer has to conform – we are an agile, open-minded, constantly evolving company that loves to be confronted with new challenges.

This spirit of constant innovation is backed up by solid technical and human support:

  • 5 machines equipped with the state-of-the-art technology in the industry, with complementary productions, which allows us to offer a real solution to the needs you may have, no matter how complex or extravagant they may be.
  • A team of Industrial Technicians, made up of professionals from different areas, capable of providing a rapid response to all kinds of challenges in the realm of paper.

This innovative “appetite” that distinguishes us has been embodied in such revolutionary solutions as, for example, dispersible sanitary wipes. A milestone in the preservation of the environment compared to single-use plastics. A clear example of how to find alternatives to other, less environmentally friendly materials.

If you have an idea, a need, a complex challenge, we are the perfect partner to make it happen. Contact us!



Matt coated for can labels.

Coated paper for can labels, matt finish, high elongation and very high caliper. Rough reverse side for good labelling on the packaging lines.


High gloss coated.

Double-coated, high gloss coated paper, ideal for any use where high gloss and printability values are required, such as labels or certain flexible packaging applications.


Opaque coated.

Opaque coated paper for beer labels, high dimensional stability, wet strength and very high wet opacity.


Greaseproof coated.

Greaseproof coated paper designed for oil bottle labels, which need high greaseproof kits.


Beer label backing for metallised beer labels.

Our metallised base paper features high thickness and excellent dimensional stability, which allows for excellent performance in bottling machines. This is combined with high gloss and smoothness for a good metallised finish and optimal printing.



Paper for dispersible wet wipes.

Dispersible paper for the production of wet wipes, 100% biodegradable, no chemical binders. Excellent strength for its use and dispersion levels according to UNE-149002.


Paper for mouth/face masks.

Aralar Paper has designed a simple, ecological and economical paper to achieve a good bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) (>80%).


Super absorbent paper (950%) and ecological, for meat and fruit tray pads, sterilization material … This paper guarantees a total and fast absorption of the liquids produced retaining them in its inner layer. 


Paper for baby wipes.

Our Arababy is a 100% biodegradable and compostable product, as it is exclusively made up of cellulose fibres. High strength and excellent softness, whilst providing the property of dispersibility in accordance with UNE 149002.


Paper for Sheet masks.

100% natural paper with great absorption and disintegration in the toilet while preserving the good strength that these products require for their use.


Super absorbent paper for sanitary pads and panty liners, chemical free, 100% natural and dispersible in the toilet.


Paper for tobacco filters.

Paper designed for the making of tobacco filters. Excellent filtering capacity and great air transfer ability thanks to its large volume/thickness (mano 10). In addition to being biodegradable, it is also dispersible, preventing water contamination caused by cigarette butts.


Paper for tablecloths, napkins and hand towels.

Paper with great absorption capacity (950%), great softness, no chemical binders and 100% biodegradable. This paper is water dispersible, so it can be flushed down the toilet without cloging pipes, for use as hand towels.



Papel para tapas de yogur.

Coated paper for the manufacture of yoghurt lids, with high machine direction elongation, excellent printability and high resistance to heat sealing.


MG cellulose paper.

Cellulose from 18gr/m2 to 120gr/m2 for any kind of use. Available with optional wet strength.


Opaque coated.

ARATAMP is an opaque coated paper for the production of biodegradable female tampon applicators.


Heat-sealable paper.

Coated paper treated with a heat-sealable treatment, which allows the paper to be sealed by means of a small amount of pressure and temperature. Designed for the manufacture of all types of bags. (Napkin wrapping, sugar sachets, etc.).


Coated paper with silver nanoparticles.

Paper that contains silver, which produces an effective natural antibacterial barrier, as silver ions are a powerful antimicrobial agent. That is, it is capable of destroying all types of germs: bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa.


Calendered cellulose.

Calendered cellulose available with optional high opacity and wet strength. High printability in gravure/flexo due to its high smoothness. Paper used for food packaging. Can be laminated or coated with waxes/paraffins, depending on the application.


Greaseproof paper without Fluorocarbons (FC).

The new generation of greaseproof paper free of fluorinated compounds adapted to the new anti PFAS regulations and designed for hamburger wrapping. Minimum substance of 30gr/m2 and greaseproof level of kit 7.


Paper for the manufacture of straws.

Paper with high stiffness and good Wet strength which allows the straw not to disintegrate when in contact with the liquid. Absence of the “Soggy” effect: thanks to the outer layer of coating (Aravac), the straw has waterproof, hydrophobic properties. We provide the possibility to control the glue consumption on the backside by applying surface treatments.


WS + Cellulose

Paper with very high Wet strength, ideal for wrapping any very moist food such as meat or fish, absorbing liquids and creating a “Wet Cloth” effect.


Coated paper for flexible packaging.

One side coated paper for outstanding printing results in any kind of printing technology.


FC-free greaseproof paper for butter.

The new generation of greaseproof paper free of fluorinated compounds adapted to the new anti PFAS regulations and designed for butter wrapping. Wet strength paper and ideal for foil lamination.


Greaseproof paper.

Paper with conventional greaseproof treatments (either on one side or on both sides) but PFOAS-free. Greaseproof kit from 4 to 10 and paper grammage from 30gr/m2 to 90gr/m2. Available with optional wet strength.


Coated paper for pet food bags.

Coated paper with high levels of greaseproofing to guarantee the correct preservation of food and avoid the transfer of grease to the outside, allowing the replacement of plastic packaging. This coating features an anti-cracking treatment, which ensures that the coating does not come off when the bag is folded.



Cellulose for medical bags and peelable bags.

Paper designed for the manufacture of medical bags, it provides a high bacteriological barrier and has an exceptional performance for the most common types of sterilisation (Steam, Ethylene Oxide, Gamma and Ultraviolet rays according to EN868).


Base paper for hydroentanglement.

Base paper for the manufacture of all types of nonwovens using the Spunlace technology. Easy disintegration of the paper in the hydroentanglement process and the possibility of a variety of colours.


Paper designed to prevent and minimise the risk of damp packages.

Its high absorption capacity avoids condensation. Suitable for autoclave sterilisation furnaces. 100% cellulose paper, which makes it 100% biodegradable.



Silicone base uncoated paper

Silicone base paper featuring exceptional siliconising properties due to its low porosity, excellent strength and high caliper. Possibility of low grammage allowing for excellent curing, good release and easy and efficient processing.


Silicone-coated paper.

Paper with a light silicone treatment, which means that substances do not stick to the paper, making it easier to peel off. Excellent temperature resistance and good mechanical properties.


Silicone base one-side coated paper.

Coated paper (with special formulations) for any type of silicone process, including non-solvent, solvent, emulsion and UV silicone coating processes. From 40 to 120gr/m2 and the possibility of manufacturing in any type of colour (including yellow).


Silicone-coated paper.

Paper coated with a thin layer of silicone, which prevents food from sticking to the paper whilst baking. Greaseproof and high temperature resistant paper for easy baking of food.


Low grammage uncoated silicone base paper.

One-side glossy paper with a thickness of 20-30gr/m2 designed for a correct siliconizing thanks to its low porosity.



Wax base cellulose.

Wax base paper that can be manufactured as wet strength, as well as opaque or non-opaque. Typical uses for this grade are hamburger wrappers, candy wrappers, bun wrappers, etc.


Greaseproof paper designed for muffin cups.

Due to the surface treatment this paper has ideal sliding properties for smooth unstacking during cutting and handling of the baking cups. The paper is designed to withstand the high temperatures that are reached in ovens.


Calendered cellulose.

Calendered cellulose that can be manufactured opaque, wet strength and with different Cobb levels, depending on requirements. Paper used for the packaging of all types of cheese. It can be laminated or coated with waxes/paraffins.



Textile transfer cellulose.

Thin paper ranging from 18gr/m2. Designed for dye sublimation image transfer, featuring excellent embossing and fast drying time.


Textile transfer cellulose Screen printing.

Thin paper ranging from 18gr/m2. Designed for the transfer of images via dye sublimation, featuring excellent silkscreen printing and fast drying time.


Calender protection cellulose.

Thin paper ranging from 18gr/m2 with very low porosity, which allows to protect the calender in the thermal transfer process avoiding soiling of the calender.


Textile transfer cellulose.

Paper featuring a special treatment for efficient ink jet printing.



Flame retardant papers.

Paper featuring a special surface treatment, which renders the paper flame retardant, ideal for any case where there is a risk of fire, construction, signage, etc.


Paper for gasketing.

This paper is ideal for covering Plasterboard joints thanks to its high wet strength, high stiffness, good dimensional stability and resistance to tearing.