Sustainable out of conviction , not obligation

  • We are one of the first companies in the industry to install a cogeneration plant.
  • We are also one of the first companies in the industry in Spain to obtain an ISO 14001 environmental management certificate as well as an ISO 50001 energy management certificate.
  • We have our own reservoir for the production of clean energy.
  • We are equipped with the most cutting-edge technology in wastewater treatment.
  • We have also achieved a drastic reduction in water consumption per tonne of paper produced.
  • 100% of the fibre we use is Forest Certified.
  • Our products have the smallest carbon footprint on the planet, as they come from sustainable forestry plantations that absorb CO2, and where the raw material is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.
  • For some years now we have been developing new plastic substitute products and thus cooperating with the European SUP (Single-Use Plastics) regulation, which aims to eliminate Single-Use Plastics.

We participate in the important reforestation work carried out by the paper industry. Because every day the equivalent of 1,500 football fields are planted in Europe!